Laser Welding

Laser welding has it’s primary application in the medical field, however, the automotive and aerospace fields have started to show great interest. It is possible to weld dissimilar materials with a laser welder. Another benefit of laser welding is, its fusion process does not require material added. This results in a clean smooth joint with no need for secondary grinding of post weld surface.

Additionally, the spot size of the laser beam allows it to reach places where conventional welding is difficult or cost-prohibitive. Laser welding generates less heat, which is good in applications where distortion can occur with conventional welding techniques. This is an ideal choice for welding thin gauge materials.

EMW specializes in joining medical, sensor and industrial components. Our custom-designed open style CNC multi-axis laser welding workstations provide precise joining of metal parts, large and small. Precise part positioning and weld placement up to 4-axis positioning will handle both simple and complex weld paths.